I have a memory of walking down St Paul’s street in St Catherines. I am about 7 years old and walking beside my mom. I am carrying a case. In the case is a steel clarinet—a one piece clarinet in a long brown case. Tears are streaming down my face because my teacher Mr Kiddel, would take a pencil and whack my little fingers when I made a mistake. I was learning to play the clarinet and that was his teaching method. Mom, quite moved by my tears would say, “You don’t have to go back! You don’t have to learn the clarinet.” My response would always be the same, “But mom, I love the clarinet…I want to learn to play.”
So I pressed onward and grew to love to play the clarinet, and love and appreciate Mr Kiddel. Eventually—thank goodness, the whacking of the fingers stopped! Today, some fifty-five years later, although Mr Kiddel has long since died, and the steel one piece clarinet has been replaced (only twice) I still love to play.
I just started reading a book called The Devout Life, by Roger Helland who suggests the following. Whatever you love, you become devoted to. I loved the clarinet and was willing to press through confusion, sore mouth—and sore fingers. Whatever you are devoted to, you develop a passion for. Most of my learning years, I was pretty devoted to my music and my clarinet. I spent time cleaning, and looking after the actual clarinet. I practiced and joined orchestras. Whatever you have a passion for, you will pursue. Somewhere along the line, my clarinet became a hobby and I learned over the years to pursue opportunities to play.
Whatever you love, you are devoted to. Whatever you are devoted to, you create a passion for. Whatever you have a passion for, you pursue. So what do you love? And that, is something to think about.

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