‘A Thriving Family, Pursuing Life Together, Guiding Others Towards Jesus’

The principle methodology expressed throughout the entire Bible for how God’s people are meant to function is simple: Family. Furthermore, society’s greatest problems and biggest questions all trace their way back to the breakdown and longing for one thing: A Thriving Family.

This is a journey for all of us. As God’s representatives on planet earth, we have the privilege to discover and demonstrate the realities and priorities of heaven to everyone around us. What’s the best way to do this journey? Pursuing Life Together.

The message of Jesus isn’t just good news; it’s very very good news. And so, as a thriving family, pursuing life together, it’s time to invite the world. Only on this side of heaven will we have this opportunity, fulfilling the vision; Guiding Others Towards Jesus.



‘Mobilize Every Member Of The Family According To Their God-Given Destiny’

If you tell a congregation that their role is to ‘turn up to church on a Sunday morning, sing a few songs, listen to a sermon, pay their ‘tithe’ and have a nice day’ they’ll probably do it.

But if you’re after the great commission, you’ll need missionaries, and if you’re contending for the Kingdom of Heaven to touch a city, you’ll need a fully mobilized army.

In order to see the Church have an impact of biblical proportions, the onus is on leadership to equip the saints to do the works of ministry (Ephesians 4). We’re building five teams that will help mobilize our members to walk in the destiny that God put inside them when he created them. For more info, go to ‘The Game Plan’.



‘Life | Intentionality | Family | Excellence’

Culture is to community what habit is to an individual. Culture is the living breathing expression of your core values. Now, if we try to run with eighty core values, people will forget them and the culture is none the wiser. So, we maxed out on four.


‘We value abundant and eternal LIFE that only Jesus offers us’

Ultimately, this is the litmus test. Is what we’re doing producing life? After all, this is what it’s all about. As a community, we’d pursuing a life mapped out by God’s Word and MC’d by His Spirit! This looks like vitality in all it’s forms; our spirituality, physical wellbeing, and soul life; also our social life, work life, and life + money.


‘We value purpose INTENTIONALITY as the thread tying everything together’

Why spend time doing things that have little purpose and produce no fruit? Now, with the vision at the forefront, and the mission clearly defined, we are intentionally and purposely putting all of our resources into activities and endeavours that will see us realize the vision and mission assigned to us.


‘We value FAMILY as the primary methodology for Church life’

Family gives us the context for understanding our relationship with God, with one another and the unsaved. It also illuminates spiritual maturation, mobilization and multiplication. Jesus refers to the first person of the trinity as Father more than by any other name. This wasn’t by accident. While for many, the experience of earthly family may be marred by pain, brokenness, disappointment and regret, the heart of God is big enough to redeem, rebuild and restore our lives as members of his family!


‘We value EXCELLENCE as the standard we strive for’

We must raise the bar. We have the Spirit of God without limit, all the resources of heaven you can imagine AND we have the mind of Christ! You get the picture. It’s time for the Church to shine. Excellence simply provides quality control in our desire to represent Jesus on earth through our lives, our relationships and our ministries.



‘An Exciting Journey Into a New Way of Doing Church’

Church is about family. Family is about participating. The Blueprint takes its readers into the book of Ephesians to see new possibilities of ministry. The authors believe that every person has a sweet spot. Something that really excites them. Something that makes them get out of bed in the morning. The Blueprint has answers! It lays out a fresh understanding for church involvement and the pursuit of a ministry-focused lifestyle.

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