The word ‘discipleship’ intimidates a lot of people, probably for a plethora of reasons. Nevertheless, this is the Great Commission; a mission in which Jesus has called us to partner with him.

The Roadmap is a user-friendly series of courses and online portals, designed to assist every member through the discipleship journey (new-believer -> disciple -> minister -> leader (discipler).

Short-Video Series Unveiling The Secrets Of Abundant & Eternal Life

Every race begins with a call to the starting line. Born Again Ready explores the person of Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. Including sessions ROCK, RULER, RABBI, REWARD & RISEN.

The Original Playbook On Identity In A 5-Session Discussion Small Group

As Christians we have a brand new identity in Christ. Set Apart invites us to discover stunning truths that can have life-changing impact on how we relate to God, others and ourselves.

A 7-Session Interactive Course Designed To Equip Believers In Pursuit Of Their God-Given Destiny

This is the clarion call to action. Every believer is called by God to a life filled with purpose and destiny. GO. provides a place of discovery and a launchpad for the mobilization of God’s people!

An Online Media Portal Specifically Choreographed To Envision, Encourage & Equip Committed Disciples

We must take Jesus’ call to Follow seriously.  The goal of this always-expanding media resource is effective and expedient discipleship of Jesus-followers who will mature, minister and multiply.

A Six-Month Enriching Leadership Training Course & Online Resource Forum For Those Who Carry The Mantle To Lead

History is shaped by leaders who excel in Spirit, Service, Sacrifice, Skill & Strategy. The LEAD Academy is positioned as a fuelling station for the ones  who are leading and lighting the way.

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