Author: Rev. Peter Cusick

Is there a certain brand or sect of the Christian faith that is—crazy?  Well, immediately I’d have to say ‘probably,’ but I am thinking of something more specific.  The brand of Christianity I am referring to is the brand that uses the term ‘relationship.’  So you hear them speak of a ‘relationship with Christ.’  They speak of ‘knowing’ God and chatting with him the same as one would chat over the fence with their neighbour.  Are they actually crazy or are they on to something?

Barry and Connolly in their book The Practice of Spiritual Direction, have an entire chapter entitled The Relationship Between God and Individuals. They state initially what may be obvious.  When we speak of relationship we speak of something that ‘is.’  They write, “Relationship.. is established by the creation of human persons and exists even when they are unaware of its existence.”  They then give a plethora of illustrations—I will give you one.  “I am a creature whether I know it or not, and God is my creator.”  Their point is simply this. God is humanity’s creator, father, mother, helper, saviour etc.  At issue is humanity’s disconnect from God.  This disconnect eventually produces 3 things: rootlessness, sense of being radically alone, and a sense of being lost.  Why?  Simple—humanity was created first in relationship and for relationship with God.

So here is a challenge I present to you.  Whether you at this time know it or not, you are a child of God designed specifically for a relationship with God himself!  Imagine that!  Wow!  The creator of the universe wants to chat with you! 

I will forever remember a little card that my grandad had pinned on his living room wall:  God’s not dead, I just talked to him this morning!

And that, is something to think about.

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