Author: Rev. Peter Cusick

A sign of my age—I actually listen to CBC radio in the car!  I was listening to a program a few days ago and the guest was telling us about what kind of entertainment they had in their home growing up.  His home was in Europe, they were incredibly poor, and he grew up perhaps thirty to forty years ago.  The choice entertainment was simple.  The family would gather together and do three things:  —-tell stories, talk, and sing. 

Now, what on earth are those things?  We technically know the definition of them, but in our culture we would hardly call those things entertainment.  Let’s ask three things: Do we tell stories?  Do we talk?  Do we sing?  I’m suggesting we are not doing much of any of those things.  However, because I am a musician I want to point out our lack of singing. 

I was recently at a conference that was hosted to help promote public worship.  An incredibly interesting comment was made by one of the speakers that went something like this: ‘We are no longer a singing culture.’  It seemed like a funny comment to make—due to the nature of the conference—but I think she was correct.

I have sat in many public gatherings where people are supposed to sing and they simply smile, mumble, or stare into space.  The singing with gusto—no holds barred— is generally not happening.

I happen to think we are born to sing.  Some off-key.  Some awful. Some powerful. Some nice.  But it doesn’t matter—singing is good for you.   So I want to defend singing. Who cares how it sounds.  Sing at home!  Sing in the car! How about this—sing at church!

Charles Spurgeon once said: “Sometimes, if you begin to sing in a halfhearted mood, you can sing yourself up the ladder. Singing will often make the heart rise.”

Try singing—I think you’ll like it!  And that, is something to think about.

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