Deep inside of you there is something very powerful. Everyone has this power! People are using this power, virtually every day of their lives! This power is developed at a very young age and stays with you your entire life. The power you have within you is the power of choice!
My wife tells this amusing story. On the rare occasion when her family went out for supper, one of her younger brothers would always ask: “What kind of milkshakes do you have?” The constant reply in most restaurants was ‘strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla.’ His reply—every time—I will have a vanilla milkshake, a hamburger with just ketchup and an order of fries. We have laughed about that many a time. So many choices, and yet, the same thing each time.
What are you going to do with your most powerful possession in 2020? There are some extenuating circumstances, however, the high majority of the time—we are the product of our choices. We create our lives out of our choices.
Someone once wrote—you are free to choose but you are not free from the consequences of your choice.
As you begin a new year of many choices, may I make a couple of suggestions?
First—rise above victim mentality. You are likely to be victimized by other people’s bad choices in 2020—but you can choose not to be a victim. This may take time, pain, help from friends; but by grace you can rise above the bad choices of others—it’s your to choice do that!
Second, stop making dumb choices! Sorry for being a little blunt but that’s life. Live within your means. Get out of debt. Say you’re sorry. Forgive.
Third, feed your spiritual life. That’s your choice. I have God in my life because I choose Him. I’m not interested in life or eternity outside or without God. That’s my choice.
Make some good decisions today—and everyday in 2020—and that, is something to think about.

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