Author: Rev. Peter Cusick

I chuckled the other day when I saw on Facebook  a post from one of my friends.  The post read, “Excited to start my first day of grade 22!”  My friend is working on his doctorate and obviously has spent many a late August getting ready for school—yet one more time.  I too have spent a lot of years going back to school, and getting ready for a new course. 

I recall as a child when school season began it was time to go shopping.  We did little shopping back in the 1960’s as there was little money to be had.  But we would follow mom around the cheap stores and pick up the needed items: rulers, pencil, pencil cases etc.  Then there was also a few new school clothes that were needed.  I still have a vivid memory of my first sweat shirts.  My mom was pretty delighted, thinking no more buttons to sew back on when Peter’s roughhousing got them torn off!

When I think of getting ready for school, I am thinking of the power of exercising your mind and your spirit. We are all inundated with the call to physical exercise, programs, gyms, goals, coaches etc.  I want us to stop and think about getting ready for some mind exercises and some spirit exercises. 

What about getting ready for a new mind adventure?  What about learning something new or something different?  I’m sure we have all heard that our minds are a muscle that need to be exercised.

Then what about our spirits?  Don’t believe the fallacy that you don’t have a spirit or you’re not really all that interested.  We are all on a spiritual journey, even if we don’t know it!  As the kids go back to school, what about going back to learning about your spirit?  What about learning about God?  What about being brave enough or adventuresome enough to read the Bible?

Let’s get ready for school!   And that, is something to think about!

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