GO, Make Disciples


This is the commission that Jesus gives to every believer. Make disciples who will know Jesus as a loving Saviour AND follow Him wholeheartedly into Christlikeness. 

The Church is the vehicle for this transformative journey; from first hearing the gospel message, all the way through to maturity in Christ and a lifestyle of reproducing Christ in others! 

At LIFEHOUSE, we are raising up teams that reflect the five aspects of Christ identified in Ephesians 4, in order to intentionally partner with Jesus in fulfilling the mission.




Every building project starts with a Blueprint. A Blueprint is a detailed plan of what it is that you’ve been asked to build. The blueprints laid out in scripture for a new testament church speak to Church government, worship & prayer, discipleship, evangelism, and caring for the poor, to name a few.

There are aspects of a Church’s blueprint that are universal to the Church globally, while other aspects will be unique to each congregations according to their specific calling and context.

The Genesis Team’s function can best be described as BUILDERS. Often team members will carry strong leadership gifting, and naturally lean towards big picture thinking, while also paying attention to the details. As site ‘foremen’, they will usually be something of a Jack of all trades.

Under the umbrella of the Genesis Ministry at LIFEHOUSE, you’ll find components such as Preaching, Media, Strategy, Administration & LEAD which is an academy dedicated to raising up leaders.




The Church is called to be Super-natural. Jesus’ heart is for His people to release the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth; to step into the ordinary and make it extra-ordinary.

Individuals who consistently remind us and call us to live in this superior reality fit perfectly on our Encounter Team. These people are best described as REVEALERS. In short, these are your prophetic people. They love to pray all the time! They talk about God’s presence a lot, and to them; everything is ‘spiritual’. Often revealers will operate in gifts of words of wisdom and words of knowledge and are dedicated to hearing God’s voice.

Within the Encounter Ministry at LIFEHOUSE, we are developing teams to serve and equip the local Church through Worship, Prayer, Tech Support & Equipping people for water baptism, spirit baptism and the use of spiritual gifts.



‘Grow Up’

Everybody knows that a baby grows up. It’s an absurd notion to expect a baby to remain unchanged for 5, 10 or 20 years. It just doesn’t happen. Living things grow. As believers, we are made alive in Christ; but eventually we must grow. We must move through the developmental phases mirrored by a person’s natural development;

The people whom God has gifted to guide us along this journey would have been known in Jesus’ day as ‘Rabbis’. Today, in His Church, we identify them as teachers or what we will call TRAINERS.

The Development Ministry at LIFEHOUSE is fuelled by numerous vehicles designed to move people of all ages and stages along an exciting roadmap of discipleship; PlayHouse (2-JK), Kid’s Church (SK-G8), Teens, the ‘On Track’ Series (Ready, Set, Go), 1on1 Guides, Various Small Groups, ‘Follow’ & the LEAD Academy and the list keeps growing!




The longing to being is integral to every human being on the planet. No one is designed to go-it-alone, live in isolation or be made to feel unwanted.

The family of God IS the place that everyone desires to belong. The gospel IS good news. It’s the absolute best news. And Jesus? He IS the hope of the nations! He’s the Life in this House. We don’t need to change a thing.

We just need to believe it and be it.

Family starts at home, so we’re working diligently to create a place at LifeHouse where all can gather, where all feel welcome, and where all will encounter the love of God.

The ones who lead the charge in Hospitality are our CONNECTORS. They are ‘the hostess with the mostest’, ‘the fatherly embrace’, ‘the listening ear’, ‘the shoulder to cry on’ and ‘a servant to all’ type!

The Hospitality Ministry at LIFEHOUSE, includes a nucleus of ministries – Hosting & Kiosk Teams, Common Ground Café & Events.



Popular Culture is like the undertow of an insatiable current that drags people out to sea. It’s silent, it’s relentless and it takes many prisoners. The gospel message has seemingly been shunned to the outer corners of modern-day culture. Sounds hopeless?

No way! Jesus is still building His Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it! Darkness is an incredible backdrop for light. Individually and corporately we must contend for a deeper discovery and demonstration of this good gospel, full of Jesus’ love + power.

Those blazing shining lamps who keep calling us out of our comfortable pews and safe little bible studies are the evangelists. We call them RECRUITERS. With an ability to courageously and consistently articulate the gospel with both clarity and power; they encourage many to experience the reality of Christ.

The Reach Ministry at LIFEHOUSE is assembling teams to impact – Streets, Neighbourhoods & Overseas Missions with the culture of Jesus’ Kingdom within us.

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