Father Alfred Delp (1907-1945) was a Jesuit priest. He was a German convert who fell into the hands of the Nazis during World War II. As he awaited in solitary confinement his accusers had shackled his hands. During his incarceration, he somehow managed to free one of his hands and began a ministry of writing. He wrote among other things, a series of Advent meditations. Google his name and you can find his writings.
What happened in Delp’s mind? Didn’t he know he couldn’t write? Didn’t he know he was imprisoned and that he would face execution by the Nazis in Berlin’s notorious Tegel Prison towards the end of World War II? Shouldn’t someone be writing to him? Maybe even send him a nice card with a nice poem?
Delp is an example of thousands of other such types. They reach deep inside themselves and pull something out that maybe others don’t, can’t, or simply don’t care enough to. Delp believed in each day. Delp thought good of each day. Delp turned an evil, wicked, bad, torturous situation into something good, kind—even miraculous.
Is it possible that there is a little bit of Delp in each one of us? Perhaps when we stop expecting everyone else to show up, we can show up ourselves! Maybe for you it’s time to stop expecting the phone to ring and you call someone! Perhaps it’s time for you to stop expecting someone to help you, and you need to reach deep and help someone else!
If life is what you make it—how is your life doing? Please, I don’t intend to minimize your pain, your disappointments, or your abuse. But I want to push you past it. Reach deep inside. Pull off a Father Delp. Be a Terry Fox. Be a John Davidson. Be a new you! And that, is something to think about.

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