Going to School

Author: Rev. Peter Cusick I chuckled the other day when I saw on Facebook  a post from one of my friends.  The post read, “Excited to start my first day of grade 22!”  My friend is...

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Relationship with God

Author: Rev. Peter Cusick Is there a certain brand or sect of the Christian faith that is—crazy?  Well, immediately I’d have to say ‘probably,’ but I am thinking of something more...

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Revenge, Forgive, Ignore

Author: Rev. Peter Cusick Albert Einstein is quoted as saying:  “Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore.” In my circles, an interesting thing happens on...

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The Mystery of God

Author: Rev. Peter Cusick G K Chesterton believes that people see life either as chess players or as poets. To a chess player, there is only logic. There are decisive moves, there is...

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